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The Cyprus Cooperative Bank was established in 1937 and provides a wide range of financial and insurance products and services. It is a unique combination of tradition, history, dynamism and innovation as it has evolved from the merger of a number of Cooperative Credit Institutions that have played a decisive role in the development of the Cypriot financial system and each one has contributed in its own unique way to shape our present dynamic organization.

The Republic of Cyprus is the major shareholder with 77,34% ownership, followed by the Recapitalisation Fund with 21,88% ownership and the Cooperative Holding Company with 0,78% ownership. It maintains the largest network of branches and ATMs in Cyprus and is the leading bank by market share in residents deposits. On 31 March 2017, the capital adequacy ratio stood at 15.51%, equity amounted to €1.2bn and total assets amounted to € 13.9bn.